Malaya Bag with Flap

$ 25.58

Our Malaya Bags and Mini Tote bags come with a zipper, and inside pocket for keys, phones or coins.

banig is a handwoven mat normally used for sleeping or sitting on. It is not a textile. (It is not made of cloth.)

The banig is made from dried leaves that are sometimes dyed before being cut into strips and woven into a mat. The most common type of leaves used is buri. In the Visayan region, it’s often from a reed called tikog (scientific name: Fimbristylis utilis).


–  A new colorful and artistic way of showing off native creations.

–  A bag that is made of “banig” which looks very classy and chic.

–  It is handmade and very well done to ensure its durability.

–  Classy and fashionable that is wearable everyday.

–  Size: 21 x 14 x 5

–  Material: Reed Grass

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